Doctor Krapula

Fresh off releasing their new single “ASÍ ES EL AMOR” Colombia’s own Reggae/Ska infused Rock Band with 18 years of history, over 500 concerts in 15+ countries, 7 album studios, Live DVD and over 5 Latin Grammy nominations as well as collaborations with projects such as Manu Chao, Ska-p, SEEED, Juanes, Café Tacvba, among others.

The Colombian  ska punk influenced band is made up of Mario Muñoz, David Jaramillo, Nicolás Cabrera, Sergio Acosta and Germán Martínez. Although the band is recognized more as a rock and punk band, it also incorporates folk rhythmic genres in its songs; such as skareggaepunk and rocksteady.[1]

Through most of Colombia, its origin country, it is mainly recognized for having strong political messages in its lyrics (as can be heard in their song about the Mexican students that were disappeared), and for its left-leaning political activism (Exigimos, Bam, etc).[2]

The band was formed in 1998 by seven musicians in BogotáColombia,[3] and in their 15-year careers, they have released seven albums, including: “El Carnaval de la Patilla”, “Turn the Disco around”, “Bombea”, “Sagrado Corazón”, “Corazón Bombea Vivo”, “Viva el Planeta” and “Ama-Zonas”.[4] The latter was produced in collaboration with the Jaguar Collective (Colectivo Jaguar).

They have won seventeen Shock Music Awards and four Our Earth Awards. They have also been nominated to five Latin Grammy, three Latin MTV Awards and one 40 Principales Awards in Spain. Dr. Krápula was the group creator of the Viva El Planeta Festival in Bogotá on may 2012, and has been in charge of their eight editions so far.[5]

They have a Gold Record in sales in Colombia for their Album « Viva El Planeta », delivered on May 25, 2013 by Star Entertainment Group, within the framework of Event 40, carried out by Los 40 Principales Colombia in the Simón Bolívar Park of the city of Bogota[6]

The music of Doctor Krápula mixes the sounds of ska with reggaerockpunk and rocksteady, adding tropical rhythms such as merengue and even salsa. On May 31, 2016, they were awarded the Simón Bolívar Order of Democracy for their environmental activism on the recovery of the ancestral territory of the Sierra NevadaAmazonas and Cauca.